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Without Fail: A Jack Reacher Novel (9780515144314): Lee Child Название: Without Fail Child, Lee
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Without Fail: A Jack Reacher Novel (9780515144314): Lee Child
If Without Fail lacks the emotional urgency of Lee Child's previous novel, Echo Burning, it still barely lets the reader catch a decent breath between plot crests.

This is a bare-bones thriller, a puzzle played-out in blood and death, with almost no emotional involvement. Sixth in the Jack Reacher thriller series revolving around an ex-military policeman whose brother believes in him completely. It's fun to see the progression, not just in Child's plotting but in his writing in general.

All Reacher knows is that he didn’t kill anybody. It may be five years later, but even M. But there's something about these particular threats that find M.

Everyone else is described as having a radio mike and earpiece because communication is key for this type of scenario, but not our hero. I have given this book 2 stars simply because it is a Jack Reacher book - and that in itself makes it worth them. They are well-written, but easy and predictable (if sometimes unbelievable) stories that don’t require much thinking on my part. But throughout the story, Reacher, who doesn't own anything but the clothes on his back (and even those are borrowed), is given carte blanche access to CIA offices and is taxied around in their vehicles but nobody thinks to give him or his other ex-military partner a radio, cell phone or even a pager to get in touch with them as they be-bop around the "secure" sites that are established surrounding the D.

Without Fail (Jack Reacher, #6) by Lee Child — Reviews ...
Without Fail has 49050 ratings and 1345 reviews. Sara said: I like Reacher. I really do. But Lee Child creates the most flawed scenarios and it drives ...

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    For the first time—the first six explosive novels in Lee Child's #1 New York Times ... Without Fail Violence, I've read all his books and just wait for the next one.
    Without Fail Child, Lee

    His characters are also logical and nimble enough to surprise. Lee Child is a writer with an austere mind. Without Fail wasn't quite as strong as the others I've read thus far.

    And having the Secret Service make mistakes that I, with none of the necessary skills/experience to do this job, could plan for, is ludicrous. Fail" is no exception, and a fast start -- a near-miss assassination attempt on Vice President-elect Armstrong -- soon leads the Secret Service to haul in Jack to act as a consultant and help them try to penetrate their security surrounding the veep so that they can plug any loopholes. Reacher didn’t beat up as many thugs as I would have liked, but I still enjoyed it.

    Any map as well as freeway signs will bear that out. That's one of the dangers of writing But, to me, that's the beauty of this series. Spencer was even more of a caricature, but flatter, and his actions outside the law were justified by psycho-babble. Lee Child's brainchild is a gargantuan man, ex-military, a nomad, and deadly (both to enemies and to women).