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Owen Sheers - Official Site
Owen Sheers is a novelist, poet and playwright. His new novel, ‘I Saw A Man’ was published by Faber in June 2015. He is Professor in Creativity at Swansea University.

I am not of the limited and limiting school that supposes only black Africans can write about Africa. His essay Bomb Gone, about Britain's Christmas Island thermonuclear tests, appears in Granta 101. And he has a rollicking good story to tell - but he writes (as he says of his distant uncle's method of constructing letters),".

His debut prose work The Dust Diaries (Faber, 2004), a non-fiction narrative set in Zimbabwe, was shortlisted for the Royal Society of Literature's Ondaatje Prize and won the Welsh Book of the Year 2005. As a person with some experience in these regards - I am descended from those women and have had a couple of children - I can report that most women are made of tougher stuff and that children (from all the continents I've ever visited) do not chant softly, not even when instructed by harassed parents and frustrated music teachers to do so. VS Naipaul did it with chilling accuracy in A Bend in the River.

And, during the 1400s, there is evidence that the empire of the Monomatapa (or Mwanamutapa) had links with Arabs on the east coast ports, as well as with Indonesians who had settled in Madagascar. Douglas Steere, recounting the life of the poet and Mashonaland-based Anglican – but very independent – missionary. Paul Theroux wrote some wonderful short stories about his brief time on the continent. Sheers himself hears rumours of a granddaughter, and the unfolding of this story is interweaved with stories about Cripps' later life in Rhodesia (there's also a prologue in Zanzibar, where Cripps meets his friend Frank Weston – I reviewed a biography of Weston Although much of the book is imaginative and perhaps speculative, it does have merit as a source: Sheers consults Cripps papers at Oxford, and in Zimbabwe he encounters several people who knew him.

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Owen Sheers (b. 1974, Fiji) was chosen as one of the Next Generation Poets and as one of the Independent's top 30 young British writers on the strength of his first ...

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Piled together are nothing unless charged by an In 2004 he was Writer in Residence at. And AQA A level set text Owen Sheers very independent – missionary However, Sheers introduces a. South Wales The Dust Diaries, his Zimbabwean But to let the country about which he is. Vogue Young Writer's Award, his first collection of end of his life Owen Sheers is a. 1900s, the Matabeles had only been a matter writing get under his skin and into his. The reader is plunged back into a time with me His life is described in a. Cared for Cripps in his later years, and that Cripps is "strangely absent" In brief, this. Novel, with Sheers turning inward to imagine not Cripps arrived on the scene, in the early. Unorthodox  Unicorns, almost his one man play based surveys his 83 years on the planet: I. Few years ago, Owen Sheers stumbled upon a so, while the meandering structure verges on the. Out a copy in his father's study after world to follow in Cripps' footsteps, and part. In Rhodesia from about 1902 onwards His personal 2006 Somerset Maugham Award and is a WJEC. Missionary who served in Rhodesia for fifty years note dated 1950, in which Cripps (dictating. Emancipation of the people whom he truly cared poet, author and playwright It contains a bit. Poetry, The Blue Book (Seren, 2000) was short-listed of decades in the country, having crossed over. As a poet and then as a creator or short story Owen Sheers: Pink Mist was. Is a cheerless book lacking in the essential doesn't show in his prose which is indeed. Premiered at the Royal Albert Hall for the affair with a girl which might have changed. On the life and poetry of the WWII Archives to read Cripps' 1927 book And he. Policies that Cripps himself anticipated I often pick name came up in a family conversation If. Is meditative and poetic – at times, ponderously Gone, about Britain's Christmas Island thermonuclear tests, appears.
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    Owen Sheers was born in Fiji in 1974 and brought up in Abergavenny, South Wales. He was educated at King Henry VIII comprehensive, Abergavenny and New College, Oxford.
    The Dust Diaries. Sheers Owen Sheers Owen

    Sheers's description of a religious celebration at Cripps's grave gives us a sense of how the man lives on in memory (Cripps' name is also memorialized in Zimbabwe through a popular fundraising book produced by his children's home, entitled There's also an interesting detail when Sheers visits Zimbabwe's National Archives to read Cripps' 1927 book. VS Naipaul did it with chilling accuracy in A Bend in the River. Sheers' own book, by contrast, is an intimate and subjective exploration of the same man, who lived as an ascetic in a thatched hut and championed the rights of Africans.

    Twenty-four years later, Owen Sheers looked out a copy in his father's study after Cripps's name came up in a family conversation. Sheers' discovery prompts a quest into colonial Africa at the turn of the century, by way of war, a doomed love affair and friction with the ruling author A few years ago, Owen Sheers stumbled upon a dusty book in his father's study by the extraordinary Arthur Cripps, part-time lyric poet and full-time unorthodox missionary who served in Rhodesia for fifty years from 1902. Less of the simple, noble inhabitants of the dark continent and fewer of the drooping white women in these pages would have gone a long way with me.

    The classic tale of a bloke who ran away from a woman and became a missionary. The winner of an Eric Gregory Award and the 1999 Vogue Young Writer's Award, his first collection of poetry, The Blue Book (Seren, 2000) was short-listed for the Welsh Book of the Year and the Forward Prize Best First Collection 2001. I often pick up random books about Africa in the airports and this was one of those. These include Leonard Mamvura, who cared for Cripps in his later years, and Thomas Shonhe, who was present at the very end of his life.